Body Observer is an online resource run by me (Susan Hart). I love to share my proven techniques for wellbeing, weight loss, and fitness strategies so you can start your way to a healthy, joyful and robust lifestyle.

I inspire people to make a massive evolution in their lives so that they see it with totally different, more perceptive eyes. From weight loss, yoga, fitness to mental wellbeing tips, I lead their transformation path to success.  When I was abusing drugs and my life was a total mess, with no meaning and joy in it, I was almost doomed to end up in misery. Today I practice yoga daily, eat healthily, and I see my life as vibrant and engaging as never before. about my story


My blog isn’t just another health site, it’s a culture. We promote and inspire people to take responsibility for their existence, stop blaming any and every circumstance, and start focusing on what they can and must improve.


I used to blame my father for giving me an income source. Yes, you heard me, right! I was resentful that he “took away my motivation for success by handing it to me.” I was saying to myself that because he gave me all the assets, I gave away my strive for success.


This statement sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. I just found something outside myself to blame for my stagnation. Well, you can imagine that it didn’t work very well for my wellbeing, as this blaming would help at all to improve my experience of life. I was taking drugs and got to a point where I saw my life completely useless. Thoughts of suicide were not unusual.


I knew I had to transform myself if I wanted to live. I realized that everything I have in my life is my responsibility – which, by the way, hurt.


I started to look for inspiration on how to impress upon myself so that I get over my old beliefs and behaviors (sleep pattern, eating habits). I invested thousands upon thousands of dollars into trainings and boot camps, seminars, and one-day events. But my psychic platform wasn’t stable. I wasn’t consistent in my actions, and the established old and harmful habits very soon overran every transformational effort.


This struggle took five years until I’ve built up a platform – a new set of chores, and a unique collection of thoughts – that was empowering and meaningful to me.


My “platform” began to rise when I took a yoga course, a 2-day incursion into what it feels to have a centered self. I loved the new feeling, and I went through the 40-day mandala (challenge) of doing the full cycle twice a day.


After that mandala, I was never the same. I saw myself as a complete and influential individual, somebody who can get things done. I naturally began to monitor other aspects of my life: eating habits, sleeping pattern, and even my sexual behavior.


Now I get up no later than 4 am(usually around 3:30). This habit gives me an outstanding time for being in complete silence, being able to do my chores without anybody interrupting me. I eat less frequently without being hungry when my stomach is empty. All these improved habits give me a sense of grounding and verticality; all build up inside me. Now it’s natural, and I follow this path with joy.


What can you expect from following this blog and being part of the culture? Joyfulness! This all about sharing and giving you all the possible tips to assist your path. This blog is all based on my experience, and I write all the posts by myself.


I keep writing blog posts on my own because I want to keep this authentic and as relevant as possible. The flow I run into by building my “platform” is going fast, and I want to keep it that way by sharing and helping others to succeed as well.


See you soon on my blog pages!