How Curcumin Supplement With Bioperine Helped Me Thrive After 50

For most of my life, I was incredibly overweight and struggled with inflammation. While most people are aware of the serious toll being overweight can have on your health and overall quality of life, many people fail to recognise the extreme impact inflammation can have on a person. In people who are healthy, inflammation assists in protecting the body’s cells and tissues when an “outside threat” is perceived; This can be due to viruses, outside toxins, or even stress. However, chronic inflammation, which can be triggered by eating an excess of fatty or sugary foods, can really take a toll on your body.


When you suffer from chronic inflammation, as I once did, your body’s defences turn on you, attacking your intestines, joints, bones, lungs, gums, skin, even your sleep patterns, and overall mood. Not only does chronic inflammation cause you to feel consistently lethargic, achy, and under-the-weather, but it can lead to many serious, even deadly diseases.


Studies have linked approximately one out of every four cases of cancer with chronic inflammation. And if that isn’t frightening enough, it was recently discovered that there is also a link between the damage of a gene which helps the body control inflammation and an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.


Even if you get “lucky” and aren’t faced with cancer or Alzheimer’s, chronic inflammation can still severely increase your risk of a heart attack, stroke, or diabetes and can cause several forms of Arthritis as well as asthma and Chrone’s Disease. Additionally, chronic inflammation can lead to depression and may cause you to suffer from flu-like symptoms such as fever, aches, and chills (which I can tell you first hand, can get very severe).


As a husband, father of four, and soon-to-be grandfather, I couldn’t fathom passing so soon that I wouldn’t be there to celebrate milestones with my children and grandchildren. I wanted to ensure that I had the opportunity to coach my grandson’s football team one day, watch him, graduate, see my other three children get married and have families of their own, and of course, check off the #1 item on every father’s bucket list- walk my daughter down the aisle. I wanted to celebrate more anniversaries with my wife of 32 years and enjoy my recent retirement. I wasn’t ready to die, or to be faced with a life-altering disease; Especially not due to my poor eating habits, extra weight, and chronic inflammation.


Despite my extreme motivation, I felt hopeless; I had been a pretty big guy all of my life, and it wasn’t for lack of trying to lose weight. I didn’t see any way that this attempt would turn out any different. Luckily, my daughter works in health and fitness and informed me that I had been doing things wrong my whole life- at least as far as dieting and exercise go- and it turns out she was right (I like to think she gets her brains from me).

Most people who are overweight are under the impression that they need to eat less food in order to lose those extra pounds, so they go on a diet. They think excessive amounts of physical activity will help them to drop the pounds even quicker, so they spend every spare second in the gym. However, my daughter told me a little secret that I think you all should know: I, for one, spent years trying to diet and exercise without ever seeing any long-lasting results, and apparently there is a very sensical reason behind that.

She informed me that when people go on a diet which causes them to eat less food than they are used to consuming, it tricks their body into believing there is a food shortage and that they should retain as much fat as possible in order to better avoid starving. Due to this evolutionary hiccup, eating less food in an attempt to diet actually causes your body to hold onto more fat. And exercising, she told me, actually causes inflammation. Little did I know, all these years I spent trying various diet and exercise programs in order to lose weight and get some relief from my chronic inflammation, all the while I was actually making things worse for myself.

She recommended I give Curcumin supplements a try; At first, I was skeptical, then again, it’s my daughter so it’s hard to accuse her of being a snake oil salesman without trying it out for myself first. I did a little research myself and found out it is the primary substance found in Tumeric, a spice that is used in curried dishes and particularly popular in India. In India and many countries in the surrounding area, the people swear by Tumeric, saying it is an absolute cure-all, miracle spice, and Curcumin is more or less, an extremely concentrated, and far more potent version of Tumeric.

Studies have shown that Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties and can even increase the body’s amount of antioxidants. Better yet, it can help to alleviate the symptoms of many diseases and conditions caused by chronic inflammation, such as arthritis, depression, Chrone’s Disease, colitis, ulcers, and diabetes! Research suggests that it may even help to prevent more serious diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. After learning more about Curcumin and Tumeric’s anti-inflammatory properties, I realized there might be something to this natural anti-inflammatory stuff my daughter was raving about.


After years of suffering from chronic inflammation and trying all different types of over-the-counter and doctor-prescribed medications, I can tell you from experience, Curcumin supplements are the best anti-inflammatory product I’ve tried to date. Within just a few weeks, my joints no longer ached, I felt more vibrant and alert than I had in decades, and I felt like my overall mood and outlook on life improved exponentially.


I finally had the energy to be active again (slowly, as my health-conscious daughter recommended) and began taking daily walks with my wife. Just with some light daily activity (which I finally was pain-free enough to engage in, thanks to Curcumin), I was easily able to drop 30 pounds in just the first few months! I did maybe also replaced a burger or two per week with a salad- but you’d truly be shocked by what simply taking a curcumin supplement and going for a pain-free walk can do for your health!

I would highly suggest trying Curcumin supplements for yourself, however, it is incredibly important that you make sure you only use natural supplements that have come from FDA and GMP approved manufacturers. If taking this little pill was able to help me find relief from the symptoms of chronic inflammation, I’m sure it will help you, too! Don’t wait any longer- get your inflammation under control, get some pain-free physical activity, and get back in control of your life so that you can assure you are around for years to come!