How To Conduct Metabolism For Weight Loss

When you are willing to boost up your metabolism for weight loss, even small changes to your life can help. For instance, you can go for a bike ride in the afternoon, join a gym, and start lifting weights. Or you can join a HIIT session if you are looking to improve your body. These activities will boost your metabolism drastically. Maintaining your metabolism is not a challenging task. Metabolism is just a chemical process through which the cells in your body produce energy. The more you boost your metabolism, the more energy your body will burn.

Is it Possible to Boost your Metabolism

Boosting your metabolic system is very important. Not only does it help you stay healthy, but a healthy metabolic system also affects your health as you grow old. However, the speed at which your body will burn calories depends on many factors.

Many people inherit a fast metabolism, which allows them to burn calories significantly faster. The metabolic process is more rapid in men than women, even when a man is resting. Metabolism slows considerably for certain people as they age. So how can you improve your metabolic activities, especially since genetics, gender, and age are beyond your control? Here are nine ways in which you can boost your metabolism for weight loss:

  • Building Muscles

Your body is always burning calories, even when you are not performing any activities. The greater your muscle mass, the more effective your metabolism will be. Your body burns six calories each day on a single pound of muscle. On the other hand, on every pound of fat, you burn just two calories every day. However, you can increase this small difference when you are working out, your muscles activate, raising your metabolic rate for a specific time.

  • Move Around More

Most people, after spending an hour or 45 minutes in a gym, spend the rest of their time sitting. This can negate your previous workout. Instead, you need to take frequent breaks for a walk or to stretch your body. If you have a job that requires you to sit frequently, you can start by parking your car farther. You can also take the stairs so you can walk more every day, keeping up the momentum. For every hour you sit, spend ten minutes on your feet, stretching, or walking. Instead of consuming coffee, you can take walk breaks. Even fidgeting and stretching will boost your metabolism and burn some calories.

  • Water

You may have always heard that if you drink a lot of water, it will help in losing weight. However, this isn’t wholly true. Though you should stay hydrated, the sources and frequency at which you consume water impact your metabolism considerably. The amount of water you require daily has a lot to do with your lifestyle.

If you have an active routine, then you need to consume more water than a less busy person. That said, drinking regular water is not enough. You will needs liquids enriched with electrolytes to cope with your daily loss. That is why you should drink orange juice and lemonade to keep your body refreshed, hydrated, and healthy.

  • Power Up With Protein

When you are consuming protein, more calories will burn than if you were digesting carbohydrates or fat. To maintain a balanced diet, you need to take in foods enriched with protein. This will boost your metabolism for weight loss drastically. Eggs, beans, nuts, tofu, white meat chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef, and low-fat dairy products are good sources of protein.

  • Using Cheat Meals

Bodybuilders know that adding cheats meals between their diet helps in avoiding the slowdown of the metabolic process. Consuming high calorie and carbs diets in every five to six days can help a lot in maintaining your metabolism. It would be best if you were sure that you do not depend on cheat meals. You can also keep your feeds clean every day and maintain your daily need for calories to stay healthy.

  • Stress

Stress is responsible for many problems in your body. One of those problems is a lower metabolic rate of the body, which is responsible for weight gain. Research by Ohio State University suggests that when you are under stress, the metabolic process in your body slows down. Therefore, the food you consume while under pressure is high in sugar and fat. Stress is even more harmful to women. 

  • Sleep

The European Food Information Council suggests that troubles sleeping can be hazardous to your body. One of the issues that come with sleep problems is that it eventually lowers your metabolism. Your body will become less tolerant to glucose if your body does not receive enough sleep. These changes will lead to more cravings, increasing your appetite for high energy. And for that high energy, you will turn to refined foods, which will end up in weight gain.

  • Energy Drinks

Various ingredients in energy drinks can boost your metabolic system. These drinks include an abundance of caffeine that will increase your body’s consumption of energy. Some energy drinks also contain an amino acid known as taurine. Taurine works well to boost your metabolism and burn fat.

However, consuming drinks may lead to various problems such as sleep disorders, anxiety, and high blood pressure for many people. The American Academy of Pediatrics for teens and kids do not recommend energy drinks. 


You should know that boosting up your metabolism for weight loss is simple but not for everyone. A person with higher metabolism can quickly get away by eating more, even if they are eating junk food. But that does not mean that you have to be born lucky to have a more effective metabolic system. You can follow the ways mentioned earlier to boost the system to maintain your health.