How To Love Your Gut

Why gut health is key?

Gut health is of outmost importance and one of the most over looked issues people deal with. Did you know the bacteria in your gut outnumber the human cells in most people by about tenfold? They don’t get much attention. Overlooking your gut health is like not paying attention to the food you eat and expect to lose weight.

Most people believe it is normal to have an upset stomach and just use to it. The health of your guts can
control many other factors; such as immune, mood and more. Your guts are made up of bacteria’s that fight off viruses, regulate immune system, digest your food, protect from toxins and produce nutrients. We should pay more attention to the bacteria in the guts because they do so much for health.
How do we thank these bacteria’s for doing such a great job and help them thrive? A healthy active life-
style will help your guts stay healthy, diverse, and strong.
Maybe you aren’t sure how your guts are feeling after years of acceptance of how you feel is normal. Do you
get bloated, can’t lose extra weight, and fell heavy even hours after eating?
Try adding in a probiotic supplement to your diet. You may see a huge difference in how you feel.
You also should stay away from the foods you know upset your stomach. Keep a food log and log how you
feel after every meal. This will be an experiment you do on yourself to eliminate foods that you know upset
your stomach.

Stock your kitchen full of healthier options like:

✔︎Fruits & Veggies                      ✔︎Spices & omega-3 oil                            ✔︎Sleep

✔︎Legumes                                   ✔︎Ginger                                                      ✔︎Leafy greens

✔︎Leaner meats                           ✔︎Fish Oil                                                    ✔︎Turmeric  Supplement

Simply choose foods that are full of fiber and nutrients. With healthier diet and exercise you can live a happier and healthier long life.