Weight Watchers Review: Will this Diet Program work for you?

Have you been struggling to lose weight?

Have you tried various diet programs for months on end, but you still haven’t achieved your desired results?


This Weight Watchers Review article will help you decide which diet programs are best suited for you and will help you lose pounds along the way!

Weight Watchers diet program has been gaining popularity ever since celebrities like Oprah Winfrey tried it out. She found it to be beneficial and helped her shed those extra pounds. The diet program was first introduced by Jean Nidetch back in 1963 in New York.

She started it off as a weekly weight-loss program with a group of friends, slow, and gradually the program became extremely popular among women.

weight watchers review

How Weight Watchers Program Works?

Initially, the Weight Watchers program had an exchange system that counted food intake per serving. But later on, this exchange system was replaced by a points-based system. In this system, the creators assigned different values to both foods and drinks based on their fat, calorie, and content.

Only recently, this points-based system has been replaced by a more thorough and robust SmartPoints system, which is slightly different from the former method.

SmartPoints allocate different values or points to foods based on the level of protein, sugar, fat, and calories they contain. 

As the start of Weight Watchers program, a dieter is provided with a new set of points daily, based on his / her data, such as age, height, gender, as well as, weight-loss goals. The aim is to help the dieters stay below his / her daily points chart to achieve their ideal weight.

The healthier the food, the lower it is in points, the more unhealthy the food, the more points it has on the chart. It discourages foods that are high in cholesterol and sugar, such as fast food, soda, chips, chocolate, and candy.

Fish, eggs, tofu, beans, plain yogurt (non-fat), skinless chicken are zero-point foods. This is a huge change, because the earlier points system only had non-starchy vegetables and fruits as zero points. That meant to discourage the intake of foods that were high in protein and good for your body.

Since the introduction of the SmartPoints System, the Weight Watchers diet program has become more user-friendly, flexible, and also the most popular weight-loss program across the globe. Millions of people, with women in majority, have joined this weight loss program hoping to lose some pounds. According to recent statistics, approximately 600,000 people subscribed to this diet program in 2017. 

Weight Watchers Diet Program is now easy to follow. It assigns point values to various foods. Dieters are required to stay under their allocated daily menu and drink intake to achieve their weight-loss goals successfully. The program also encourages regular physical activity by integrating FitPoints into the program.

Can Weight Watchers Diet Program Help You Lose Weight? 

Weight Watchers Diet Program takes a science-based approach to losing weight. It emphasises the importance of controlling your food intake, your choice of food, and how your consistent physical activity can help you lose those extra pounds.

Graph of weight change.

Many popular diet programs promise unrealistic results in a matter of weeks. Weight Watchers program, on the other hand, is a more effective diet plan and has lots of benefits in the long run. It explains dieters how they can shed those extra pounds and meet their weight loss goals in the time they desire. The program offers regular consultation to dieters that help them in making better decisions, using the SmartPoints system, that encourages physical activity and healthy food intake.


Recent studies have shown that Weight Watchers Diet Program is gaining popularity among tech-savvy millennials. Because of its easy-to-use app that helps them monitor and balance their food intake while on the go, they find it consistent with their values and lifestyle.

Weight Watchers Alternative

But there is a catch; the Weight Watchers Diet Program doesn’t work for everyone. People who are overweight and find it hard to monitor and balance their food intake daily often find it overwhelmingly complicated. That is where the extraordinary Cinderella Solution comes in.

Cinderella Solution is a unique diet program for people who want to weight loss. It focuses on understanding the growth of the female body as it grows with age and eventually increases weight. It is exclusively designed for women and targets the body parts where women find very hard to lose weight. It comprises exercises that help reduce fat on the abdomen, buttocks, and hips.

Why Choose Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program?

Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program is the brainchild of Carly Donovan, the most notable pioneer in the weight loss industry. She knows the struggle that women make to lose weight as they age. She has tried all the popular weight loss programs and found they were of no good. She researched and tried to find out women around the world were able to lose weight. This is when she came up with the idea of a miracle solution, called the Cinderella Solution.

Cinderella Solution is suitable for women belonging to all age groups and all walks of life. The program is ideal for women who want to lose weight in the long run. Women who wish to get fast results and also women who find it hard to stay on a low-calorie diet also will benefit a lot.

Cinderella Solution recipes are not only healthy but delicious too. They accelerate the fat-burning mechanism in your body, enabling it to burn fat naturally. Cinderella Solution is not a strict regimen that you must follow day in and day out; it is not a fitness program either. It is a book full of amazing recipes that have a flavor-pairing strategy. These recipes are healthy, safe, and proved useful in losing weight. 

Many women who joined Cinderella Solution Diet Program reported that it has healed their bodies from within and helped them regain their lost self-confidence. Many have been able to lose weight with the first month.

Cinderella Solution has provided to be more effective for women who love food but also want to lose weight. Check out the program today and maintain an ideal weight you’ve always wanted!