Improving Metabolism is Easy with These 5 Steps

If you have tried multiple diets and exercises, but still failed to burn even a few calories, then your metabolism might work like me. When your metabolism works slowly, you have a risk of gaining more weight than usual. This means, no matter what you eat, you remain chubby or overweight.

This same happened to me, but I did not know it in the beginning. I was obese since my teenage, and as I was growing older, I was only gaining more weight. In my late 40s, I tried to lose weight with lots of exercises and also tried a keto diet. But still, I only shed 3kgs –I was around 70kgs at that time. When I turned 50, I was on the verge of giving up my desire to become slim and fit. But suddenly, my friend told me that it might be because of my metabolism. To be honest, I did not know how the metabolism rate affects our weight. So, I started searching the term “metabolism.”


As I have extraordinary research skills (not bragging), I read different articles on what actually metabolism is and its negative effects. I even watched YouTube videos and read some basic research studies to understand the relation. So, I came up with the answer that I have a slow metabolism rate, and I can make it work well with simple techniques and tips.

All of the methods I used to boost metabolism relate to my regular general activities and habits. After I started to follow these techniques, I saw a lot of difference in my weight. In the first week, I lost 4kgs, and by the end of the month, I had shed 15kgs. This was great – I didn’t have to omit my meals or follow challenging diets.

These techniques paid me well, and I lost 20 kg weight in one and a half months, which was my target. Now I am smart and slim and living a happy and healthy life in my mid-50s. Because of my wonderful experience, I am sharing some simple steps with you to help you improve your metabolism, which you can start from today.

So, read the article to start your weight loss journey. You will surely love these easy and simple techniques. 

Start Your Day Early

The first thing you need to do is to start your day early. This you can only achieve if you get a good night’s sleep. Proper sleep will help you get plenty of energy for your tough routine. Don’t forget to do a morning stretch before breakfast. It will help you focus on your well being and health.

You also need to consider your clothes. Wear something that aids you in more movement choices for the entire day. Go with something comfortable and classy that helps you shine out in gatherings or comfort you in loneliness. Flexible attire will give you freedom of movement and will aid you to be quick and active. 

Step Up Your Fitness Game

Aerobic workouts can help you boost metabolism only in few hours after a workout. The general rule of thumb is to encourage yourself to do exercises for as long as you can. 

Not to mention, high-intensity workouts are great to rev up your metabolism than low to moderate exercises. They have a significant impact on your entire body and are beneficial for losing more weight.

To get the benefits, hit the gym and opt for a more intense class. If you have energy left after exercise, instead of going for a regular walk, try jogging. You can also choose jogging instead of walking back home.

Drink More Water

The human body needs water to deal with calories. Even if you are mildly dehydrated, it has a great impact on your metabolism. I have searched a lot on the benefits of water on metabolism rate, and I found a study which shows adults who drank more than eight glass of water regularly burnt a lot more calories than adults who drank four glasses.


So, you need to stay hydrated. In this case, drink a glass of water or any beverages with no sugar before a snack or meal. Moreover, try to eat fruits and vegetables as much as you can, as they are a natural source of water.

Eat Smartly

It’s a common myth that some foods can burn more calories. Yes, some foods may have the ability to do that, but not as much as you may think. Chewing, digestion, and storing of food need to burn calories. This burning of calories is usually called a thermic effect of food or TEF. But this process only takes a few of your calories, so it’s important to not consider this usage of calories as weight loss.

Proteins are more challenging to digest and also encourage your muscle mass. The human body also feels difficulty in breaking down fiber. Not to mention, spicing up your food can also help you improve body temperature, which leads to the burning of calories.

Moreover, the popular technique of eating more frequently to prevent starvation can lead to more weight, especially if you are the one that ends up consuming more food than their body requirements. Consuming food rich in fiber and protein can control cravings and hunger for several hours after eating. This way, you can save yourself from overeating. Listen carefully to your internal hunger noises and wisely differentiate between mindless and true hunger. Keeping a balance in your eating habits will help you boost metabolism.

Avoid Crash Diets

Not only is overeating bad for your health, but also eating less than your body requirements can have negative effects. If you are a woman, you need 1,200 calories, and if you are a man, you need 1,800 calories a day. It is important to keep the quantity in mind so that you can make your metabolism work fast.

Some diets that encourage you to eat lesser calories may help you lose weight. However, they can also backfire by making you lose your muscles, leading to a slower metabolism. The result will be burning more calories and gaining more weight. 

Bottom Line

Many people have a slower metabolism rate, but they don’t know about it. If you think you have the same issue, you can take advantage of my experience. All of these steps will help you to boost metabolism. So, are you ready to try these techniques?